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Business English can-do statements

Enhance your Business English training program & increase transparency.

A Target Training publication

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Can-do statements are one of the most useful elements in the CEFR as they are action- and outcome-oriented.

Our can-do statements describe what the participant "can do" at their level. Based on the original CEFR document, Target Training's can-do statements are business specific. There are 7 sets: 

  • Business Correspondence
  • Meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Networking and Socializing
  • Presenting
  • Reading and Producing Business Documentation
  • Telephone Calls and Teleconferences

Inside your Business English can-do toolbox you'll find ...

  • FAQs about the CEFR and the Business English can-do statements
  • Four ideas on implementing the Business English can-do statements in your training program
  • A manager's summary
  • A self-assessment summary
  • A global summary