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Presenting in a virtual environment

Hager Group

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The client's challenge

Founded in 1955, the Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial & industrial projects. The Group has 22 manufacturing sites in 10 countries and distributes its products and services globally. Communicating  clearly and effectively between regions is essential to their success.

Ensuring the Groups 120 financial managers are informed and aligned is a must, and this is done through quarterly virtual meetings.  These online meetings are centered around engaging presentations which then lead to value-adding questions and discussions.  The experienced and confident  senior management team were keen to further improve their virtual presentation skills and maximize their impact.  Having had great experiences with Target, the Group's VP of financial controlling contacted us.

Our solution
Presenting in a virtual environment

Following an initial kick-off meeting where we we clarified goals and expectations, the SMT met as a group of 14 for a 1-day seminar. This day focused on sharing best-practices for designing and delivering presentations virtually, and the challenge of bringing meaning to data and details.

Working in smaller groups, the SMT joined a virtual training session where they further developed new tips, techniques and tools for delivering virtually with confidence. Then working in trios, the SMT members prepared and practiced the presentation they would be delivering at the upcoming meeting.  Self-, peer- and trainer feedback pushed them to improve.

The trainer then shadowed the event live and debriefed with the senior managers individually.  Feedback was direct, specific, and actionable.  Improvements were celebrated, next steps were named, and the SMT committed to supporting each other with feedback going forward.

“ team really appreciated the individualized approach, practical tips and checklists, and tailored feedback.  I've seen a real change in the way we prepare and deliver our presentations virtually.  We've stopped focusing on what we want to say and started to focus far more on what our audience wants to learn ...”

Rene Schnabel, Vice President Group Financial Controlling, Hager Group
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The result

Since the training, the senior management team has:

  • Optimized the time needed when preparing to deliver presentations virtually.
  • Reduced their stress levels through practical tools, tips and checklists.
  • Strengthened the impact they make when presenting virtually.

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