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Making the most of your training investment

What can managers, L&D and employees do to make the training investment more effective?

A Target Training publication

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What happens around the training is just as important as what happens in the training. This document will enable you to maximize your impact and achieve tangible outcomes.

eLearning, mobile learning, gamification, and blended learning are all increasingly part of the modern training landscape. However, “classroom” training remains number one when it comes to the highest use rate. Classroom training is rated as the second highest when it comes to effectiveness and outcomes (first place goes to coaching and mentoring), and still receives the largest portion of the training budget.

But how much of this investment makes a difference and more importantly what can managers, L&D and employees actually do to make the training investment more effective? This document offers proven guidelines and insights to help you discover how you can influence and impact your return on your training investment.