'Sweet sixteen' quick and easy steps to better teleconferences


Many of the teleconferences we take part in could be better. They can be far too long, poorly organized, badly led, dominated by one or two people, etc. This leads to a drop in commitment, participation and effectiveness. Poor decisions are sometimes made – or perhaps no decisions at all! And a downward spiral emerges…

It doesn't have to be like that!
Here are some quick and easy steps you and your team can take to improve the quality of your call, before, during and after. Hopefully you and your team are doing most of these. If not, give some a try and see what happens.



By Matt Schmid
Matt has 9 years of experience in sales and sales team management, and has been involved in training and development since 2009. He’s been lucky enough to take part in some very effective teleconferences – and unlucky enough to sit through some disasters.