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Weekly group sessions vs. InCorporate Trainer

5 Questions Answered

The InCorporate Trainer delivers training that is closely related to your job, helping you to be more successful when communicating in English.  Our in-house training solution is implemented according to the needs of the client and the ongoing needs of the participants and adapted to changes in jobs and priorities.



Weekly group sessions

The InCorporate Trainer

I need the training so that our employees can do their job better in English. How relevant will the training be?

You should expect a professional teacher to select appropriate off-the-shelf books and materials that are in some way connected to the skills you want to learn.

The trainer delivers training that improves your performance at work.  We‘ll watch you perform, identify improvement areas, and develop practical training, based on your business needs.

How flexible is the trainer and training? I really don’t want to waste money on cancellations.

With weekly group sessions (classes) cancellation fees are standard. You get exactly what you pay for.

Fits around your changing schedule and is flexible in the training delivery. If somebody cancels, the trainer uses the time  elsewhere.

How can we measure the return on our training investment?

Feedback forms (“happy sheets”) are the norm. You can also “test” knowledge with off-the-shelf exams or “end of chapter” tests.

Your ROI evidence includes satisfaction and learning,   behavioural changes AND tangible on the job results. Our certified experts work with you to build a practical approach that works for you. 

What level of commitment do I need to make?

Weekly group sessions require a basic commitment. You typically book “courses” which will last for 2-3 months.  Then you book another course. And another.

The InCorporate Trainer solution does require genuine commitment.  You can balance this by setting up a pilot program and using the opportunity to judge if the solution is right for you.

How much should I expect to invest?

Prices vary depending upon country, city, supplier and volume. Somewhere between €58 and €75 euros per 60 minutes is standard in Germany (2016).

€56 for 1 hour (60 minutes).  For a full time InCorporate Trainer with between 70 – 100 participants, an entire year of training costs less than €999 per person.



Is the InCorporate Trainer the right solution for you?

An in-house business English trainer working a 5-day week will usually be responsible for the business English needs of between 70-120 people. The exact number depends on a variety of influences such as availability, training targets and the diversity of learning needs.

InCorporate Trainers work closely with you, from within your offices. They work alongside your teams, delivering training, helping you with on-the-job support at your desk, and shadowing you in action.
Being in-house means we can consistently deliver relevant training that is engaging, motivating, and reflects your day-to-day reality, which increases the transfer of learning.
You save time and money. Being in-house means we have flexibility. We can easily reschedule when necessary and adjust the training to meet your priorities.

What's the next step?

Schedule a call with us, to find out more about our InCorporate Trainer solution.  Or, call us on +49 69 848 479 0.